Exhibition Booth

Exhibition Booth

Edge Concepts fully understand that the design of a trade show exhibition booth design is instrumental in the successful sales and marketing of your products and services. Hence, we come up with great design concept for your booth design that showcases your products and services as well as leaving a deep impression on your company image and branding.

Our designers determine the proper flow of space and use of materials that best complements the booth design’s offerings to ultimately make your booth efficient, cost effective. attention-grabbing and functional. Applying our expertise and techniques from interior design, our unique exhibition booth designer and contractor’s end product is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors and ensure that you stand out compared to your competitors..

Be it a pop up and backwall display, a customized tabletop display or a large structural presence, we are able to develop an exhibition booth that is not just strategic, but eye-catching and creative.

It’s all about bringing your brand to life. With your company’s brand, needs and goals as the foundation of our design, we strive to create a brand experience that is more than just an exhibit.

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